Use this area to introduce yourself to your potential clients. You can add an image, a video or a list of points.

You can also move the sections around the page, for example, you could have  the Services  section above About Me.

It’s also easy to do this after the site has been built and so you can try out different options to see what works best.



  • 6 Month Group Coaching

    Details of your offer here. you can have as many offers as you like on this page, with details and payment buttons or instructions to contact you.


  • 3 Month Quickstart Coaching

    Here you have details of your 3 month course, for example.As your business expands, you can create a new page for each offer.
    You can do it yourself or I can do it for you.

  • Online Course

    Name of your course, details of course content and a link to the payment button or site where the course is hosted, such as udemy or thinkific.


  • One on One Coaching Intensive

    Details of one on one coaching intensive course. Including price and instructions to contact you, using the form at the bottom of the page.


  • One Year Individual Coaching

    Full details of your individual coaching service here. Calls once or twice a month, email support, assignments and handouts, cost and instructions to contact you.

  • Individual Session

    You can start with a one off session to assess your situation and create an action plan to move you forward. You can have sessions whenever you choose or you can choose one of the other options.


Address:     43 Demo Street, Demo City
Telephone:  +22 35 141 125
Hours:          Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Email:           mail@domain.com



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